Brookline Accepts COLA

NOVEMBER 1998 - Finally Town Meeting Does Right Thing - Thanks
to the efforts of the Brookline Retirement Board, the number of
retirement systems, that did not accept Chapter 17 (COLA law) by the
July 1 deadline, has been narrowed from nine to eight, with still
others in the offing.

late-passed legislation (Chapter 306, Acts ‘98) gives retirement boards
and their governing bodies a second opportunity to accept Chapter 17,
with COLA payments retroactive to this past July.

Town Meeting had earlier accepted Chapter 17, but added an annual town
meeting acceptance requirement amendment, which was promptly killed by
the Legislature.

After Chapter 306
was passed, Brookline’s Retirement Board of Joe Duffy, Chet Riley,
Harvey Beth, Judith Haupin and Fred Taub presented a Chapter 17 article
at a special September 8 Town Meeting.

a second opportunity, Town Meeting accepted Chapter 17 in its correct
form. “It was an overwhelming vote,” said Riley, who, along with Duffy,
coordinated a large turnout of retirees and employees, actively
lobbying Town Meeting members the night of the meeting.