North Attleboro Reverses Cola Vote

- Retirees Receive Three-Percent - After a June vote for a 1.4% July COLA for their retirees, the North
Attleboro Board has changed their minds and members are now receiving
3% COLAs.

The Board's earlier vote
for 1.4% was 4-0 with one abstention. However, at its October 29
meeting, elected Board member Jack Bush moved reconsideration. The
Board, including Bush, Dorothy Baker, Paula Vielleux, Ed Lambert and
Patricia Shapiro, then voted 5-0 for a 3% COLA retroactive to July.

pleased that the Board realized its mistake," said Association
President Ralph White who had been critical of North Attleboro's
earlier vote.

"We're making good
progress in Peabody and Gardner, two of the other three Boards that
voted for 1.4 percent," said White. "The votes at those two boards were
3-2 for the low figure. We've got some great elected members on those
boards and some hard-working retirees. I'm optimistic that a
reconsideration 3% vote can happen."