Aggressive Start to 2014

Public Service Committee Meets

JANUARY 2, 2014: The Joint Committee on Public Service is off to an aggressive start early in 2014 with a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th at 11:00 AM.

Tuesday’s hearing will focus on legislation impacting group classification of active employees. As members know, Massachusetts’ public retirement is organized into four groups (1-4), which are set in statute by the legislature.

This past year the Special Commission on Group Classification issued a report recommending certain reforms, along with a streamlining on the group classification system. Association Vice President Dan Turco, a retired State Police officer, represented the Association on the Commission. The report, issued last fall, was filed with the legislature and awaits further action.

Association officials are closely watching developments related to its own legislative package, totaling some 18 bills – all of which received public hearings in 2013. The Public Service Committee is now evaluating the bills that remain under its review.

A full list of the bills slated for a public hearing on January 7th can be found here.