Detectives Seek Boston Strangler Clues (1963)

MAY 1999 - In
our March edition of the Voice, we chronicled the Boston Strangler case
and the key role of Association member John Donovan, Boston's chief of
homicide at the time.

During the
investigation of the murders, Albert DeSalvo became the chief suspect.
Even though most of the murders were committed in Boston, DeSalvo was
well-known to police in Cambridge where he had a record for sex
offenses. There was also a Cambridge murder with a Strangler likeness.

have recently uncovered a photo of Boston detectives at a meeting with
Cambridge detectives at Cambridge Police Headquarters in May, 1963.
Although the five men in the photo were at one time members of our
Association after their retirement, three have since died. The three
deceased members are John Norton, Jim Glynn and Leo Davenport, while
John Donovan, age 83, and Henry "Hank" Gallagher, 73, are still alive
and well.