Haverhill Retirees Organize

Firefighters Lead The Way - Led by a group of retired Haverhill firefighters, former employees of
the City of Haverhill are now in the process of organizing a Retired
Haverhill Employees Association.

spring, Association President Ralph White met with the retired
firefighters to explain the benefits of having a strong local voice
that included all retirees of an individual city or town.

can do the work on Beacon Hill, but it helps greatly to have
well-organized local retirees who can lobby their city or town
officials to accept the laws that we are successful in enacting,” said

Vaughn Guertin, chairman of the
Haverhill Retirement Board, was responsible for setting up the meeting,
which was held at the Roma Restaurant in Haverhill.

feel that all former employees, including teachers, who are also
impacted by our local health insurance contract, should be organized
within our city,” said Guertin, who will be retiring from his deputy
fire chief’s job this September 30. “I know we’ve got great clout at
the State House, with the Retired State, County and Municipal Employees
Association, but we also need our local retirees pulling together when
city officials are voting on issues affecting their benefits.”