Members Turn Out On Florida's Gold Coast

MARCH 2004
- Key Congressional Aide Speaks To GPO/WEP Issue - Association members on Florida's "Gold Coast" flocked to our annual
Pompano Beach meeting in early January. Chaired by Association
President Ralph White and Legislative Liaison Shawn Duhamel, the
meeting drew some 400 retirees and guests.

members in attendance were treated to a wealth of information during
the two-hour meeting, in addition to catching up with former coworkers
and friends. Many members arrived well in advance of the 1:00 p.m.
start time.

In addition to remarks
from White and Duhamel, members were greeted by a special guest from
the U.S. Congress. Kim Hildred, who is the chief-of-staff for the House
Subcommittee on Social Security, had readily accepted our invitation to

Hildred is the key aide to
the Committee's powerful chairman, Representative E. Clay Shaw (R-Ft.
Lauderdale). She has been with the Subcommittee since the Republicans
regained control of the House in 1994. Hildred had previously served
fifteen years with the Social Security Administration.

addressing our members, Hildred explained the origins of both the
Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision
(WEP), which our Association has been fighting to repeal or modify. She
went on to detail the various issues in repealing or otherwise
modifying either law, as well as what Chairman Shaw's approach to the
issues has been.

"We are very
appreciative that Kim took the time out of her busy schedule to travel
to Florida and meet with our members. I think that everyone came away
from the meeting with a better understanding of the problems we face,"
said Duhamel. "I have been working closely with Kim over the past year
and have found her to be very understanding of our position. It is
great that she got a chance to meet our members, look them in the eye,
and now has a better understanding of what we are all about."