GIC 2018 Open Enrollment April 4 – May 2

GIC 2018 Open Enrollment April 4 – May 2
Retirees attend a GIC Health Fair in 2017

13 Health Fairs Scheduled Across Massachusetts

The state’s Group Insurance Commission has set April 4 through May 2, 2018 as the annual Open Enrollment period to enrollees to change insurance plans or enroll in the GIC’s Retiree Dental Plan. Any changes in plan selection or coverage take effect on July 1, 2018.

Only those retirees and active employees enrolled in the state GIC health insurance plans are impacted. Click here to view the complete schedule of GIC Health Fairs.

Open enrollment is the only period of time each year when enrollees are allowed to change insurance plans or coverage levels. Once open enrollment ends, enrollees are locked into their choice for an additional fiscal year. The only exception is in the event of a change in circumstance or life event, such as becoming Medicare eligible, marriage, or loss of coverage under another insurance plan.

“If you are happy with your current insurance plan and your coverage has not changed, then there is no reason you need to switch plans. So long as everything is staying the same, you do not have to attend a health fair or worry about selecting a different insurance carrier,” explains Association Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman. “However, if you do wish to change your plan or have questions about what may or may not be covered, then I advise you to attend a Health Fair. If you can’t make it there in person, then call the GIC directly. They are there to answer your questions.

“A great feature of the Health Fairs is the fact that each of the six health insurance companies are on hand with experts available to answer questions and walk you through each step of the process. This is an invaluable service that the GIC has been providing for decades. So, if you have questions or concerns, my advice is to attend a Health Fair.”

For 2018 the GIC has scheduled 13 Health Fairs, spread across Massachusetts. In addition to the health plans, representatives of Met Life (Retiree Dental Plan) will be on hand.

Created in 2002 as a joint effort between Mass Retirees and the GIC, the Retiree Dental Plan is one of the only statewide dental plans for public retirees in existence across the country. It is a retiree pay-all plan, meaning that the plan receives no premium support or subsidy from the Commonwealth. Despite that fact, the plan is viewed as a great success, now insuring some 50,000 lives.

Municipalities participating in the GIC can opt into the retiree dental plan. 

Retirees currently participating in the Met Life dental plan should remember that if you choose to drop out of the plan you cannot reenroll at a later date. The contract does not allow for reenrollment under any circumstance.

Click here to view the 2018 GIC Health Fair Schedule.