15 Statewide Health Fairs Scheduled

MARCH 19, 2012: The Commonwealth’s Group Insurance Commission will hold its annual Open Enrollment period from April 9 through May 7, 2012. During this period, all retirees and employees insured under one of the GIC plans may switch their insurance coverage.

During this time period, the GIC will hold a series of Health Fairs across the state - fifteen in all.

Most importantly, retirees and enrollees from the 8 municipalities and 1 regional school district transferring into the GIC this July 1 will have an opportunity to choose their insurance coverage during this enrollment period. The cities of Lowell and Salem, along with the towns of Bedford, Holden, Lexington, Marblehead, Sudbury and the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School District have all opted to join the state’s insurance plan.

As of July 1, some 200,000 enrollees will participate in the GIC’s insurance plans. This number includes close to 65,000 local retirees and employees.

“While the GIC will mail annual enrollment packets to each member’s home, the health fairs allow a unique opportunity to meet with and speak directly to officials from the GIC and the insurance companies,” said Association Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman. “This is especially important to our municipal members, who will soon be entering the GIC for the first time.

“If you have questions or concerns, this is your chance to get straightforward answers.”

Detailed information on the fifteen Health Fairs can be found here.