The Association is pleased to announce the endorsements of John "Jay" Dow and Karen Mitchell for election to the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement Board. This election is now underway, with ballots having now been mailed to all retired and active teachers, who are members of the MA Teachers Retirement System (Boston teachers are members of the City of Boston Retirement System and are not members of the MTRS).

John “Jay” Dow of Marblehead is running for re-election to the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement Board. Jay, the senior member of the Board has been one of our most active members, working diligently on behalf of improved COLA benefits, especially the restrictive $12,000 COLA base. He is a constant presence at State House legislative hearings, speaking out on behalf of retired teachers and survivors. He is a person who we have been able to count of for assistance or help at the Retirement Board itself. Jay is always prepared to represent any of our members or their survivors in times of distress. His availability to all members of the Teachers’ Retirement System is a 24-hour, seven day a week commitment. His home number is 781-631-9545. No others have made that commitment. We do hope that you will give John Dow every consideration when you receive your ballot in early November.


Since this is a dual election for the two elected seats on the Teachers’ Board, our Association is also endorsing a candidate that we feel would be an excellent representative for both active and retired teachers. With George McSherry not running for re-election, Karen Mitchell, a Plymouth South Middle School Teacher, is the candidate that would serve in the best interests of both active and retired teachers. As a member of the MTA Board of Directors, she has been directly involved in all legislation dealing with public retirement, including Chapter 114, the Retirement Plus legislation enacted in Year 2000. She has worked with her dad, John Murphy, the former president of the Massachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS), which includes the Teachers’ System, on our pension COLA initiatives. Karen has also been involved in the current legislation before Congress, which would repeal the egregious Social Security Windfall and Offset laws. Like Jay Dow, she makes herself readily available to all members of the Teachers’ Retirement System (508-224-2198).


We urge you to remember the names John Dow and Karen Mitchell when you return your ballot for this very important election at the Teachers’ Retirement Board this November.