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The Voice of the Retired Public Employee
Few elected officials have the ability to shape the future of our country more than Congressman Richard Neal of Springfield. As a senior member of Congress, Neal is the Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Commit- tee. This means that he is the Com- mittee’s senior Democratic member and in line to become Chairman, should the Democrats regain control of the House in November.
More important for Mass Retirees’ members is the role that Neal has long played when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. Simply put, there is no bigger advo- cate in Congress for reform of the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset than Richie Neal.
In fact, the cornerstone of Neal’s commitment to public service is his staunch personal belief in Social
Security. After the death of his parents while he was still in grade school, Neal and his two siblings relied on Social Security benefits to help get them by.
To say that Richie Neal is someone who has never forgotten where he came from is an under- statement. Both he and Mike Capuano are textbook examples of people from humble beginnings,
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It is rare for any elected official to have a record of support for public retirees as vast and deep as Congressman Michael Capuano.
The 7th Congressional District spans parts of Boston, Cambridge and Milton, along with Chelsea, Everett, Randolph and Somerville.
Mass Retirees first worked with Mike Capuano during his tenure as Mayor of Somerville. Unlike some of today’s municipal officials, who take a hostile view toward public
retirees, Capuano always treated his local retirees with fairness and respect.
Mike’s approach to public service has not changed since being elected to Congress. While Ivy League educated, Mike is known for his common sense, no nonsense style – in other words – a genuine leader who gets it.
As a member of Congress, Mike Capuano has never forgotten where he came from or lost sight of the
needs of the people he represents. Together with his colleague Richie Neal, Mike has helped keep reform of the Social Security Windfall and Offset laws a front-burner issue in Congress.
We have no doubt that without the persistence of leaders like Mike Capuano, WEP and GPO would have no hope of ever being resolved. And while Mike is the
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Aspecific quality our Associa- tion looks for when consider- ing an endorsement for political office is whether or not the candi- date believes public retirees are a priority. We support those candi- dates who put our members, as well as the issues important to your retirement, first.
Secretary of State William “Bill” Galvin is such a candidate and we
are proud to endorse his candidacy for re-election. Bill Galvin has always put public retirees and the issues you care about first. His support has never waivered.
Our relationship with Bill goes back many years, to his time as a State Representative from Brighton. It was during his years in the House where Bill formed a close friendship with Mass Retirees
founder Ralph White.
“Billy Galvin is one of those
people who you can always depend on. He has never forgotten where he came from and is a true believer in public service,” says White.
As Secretary of State, Galvin is responsible for several areas that have a direct impact on retirees. Of
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