January 2011

Battle Rages Over Municipal Health Care

Municipal Leaders Demand Control

JANUARY 2011 VOICE: Within days of the November election, a coalition of mayors and the Mass. Municipal Association were back on Beacon Hill in an attempt to rally support to grant local officials complete control over health insurance plan design.

Six Boards Break Ice On Cola Base Barrier

JANUARY 2011 VOICE: Six intrepid local retirement boards have broken the ice which had restricted the pension COLA base to $12,000 since 1998 - twelve years ago. This change in the law, which allows a higher base option, was made possible by the passage of Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2010, enacted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor this past July. The new law also allows boards to extend their debt funding schedules to a maximum date of Year 2040, in order to reduce annual appropriations by their community or county.

All Eyes On Beacon Hill

Pensions & Health Insurance Still Hot Topics

JANUARY 2011 VOICE: Following an election cycle that witnessed the successful reelection of many Association endorsed candidates, attention has turned to what challenges and opportunities may develop during the new legislative session.

For the first time in decades, Massachusetts will simultaneously swear in a new state Treasurer and Auditor.  And since both offices are of the utmost importance to public retirees, our Association will remain in close contact with Steve Grossman and Suzanne Bump as they take office.

Ohio Now Key To Social Security WEP/GPO Reform

Ohio Now Key To Social Security WEP/GPO Reform

GOP Speaker Hails From Non Social Security State

JANUARY 2011 VOICE: The shift in power in the US House of Representatives could prove to be a mixed bag for those hoping for swift action on the Social Security Windfall (WEP) and Offset (GPO) reform bills.