Seeking your thoughts on medical marijuana

April 12, 2024, ,
Before jumping to the topic of this week’s message, we want to first update you on positive developments surrounding ...Read More

Call for WEP & GPO Hearing

October 27, 2023
I’d like to start this week’s message by thanking those members who turned out for our Area Meetings ...Read More

Our focus this fall

September 8, 2023
September 8, 2023: Happy September! Our weekly Mass Retirees news updates are back. After a short Labor Day break, we ...Read More

Sneak preview of September Voice

August 8, 2023, ,
Weekly Update: August 4, 2023 In addition to the FY24 State Budget being passed and sent to Governor Healey, this ...Read More

Pension investment gains rebound

July 27, 2023,
After being stung by a pandemic induced decline in the financial markets in 2022, our public pension investment returns have ...Read More

Legislative hearing alert & COLA news

July 20, 2023,
On the cusp of what is traditionally the August legislative recess, the Joint Committee on Public Service has scheduled a ...Read More

Growing the COLA Base

July 13, 2023,
Continually improving pension COLA policy has been a key focus of Mass Retirees since our founding in 1968. The recent ...Read More

To which retirement system do I belong?

July 7, 2023,
July 7, 2023: Weekly Update By Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel As we have been reporting the recent news regarding ...Read More

COLA amendment 808

April 21, 2023, ,
April 21, 2023: As we reported last week, your Association has filed one amendment to the FY24 State Budget proposal ...Read More
GIC Open Enrollment & Annual PAC Drive Begins

GIC Open Enrollment & Annual PAC Drive Begins

March 31, 2023,
March 31, 2023: It is very hard to believe that today is the end of March. For what is normally ...Read More