Articles about Medicare that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees

Steward Outlines Process To Sell, Auction Hospitals

May 16, 2024,
Bids For Mass. Hospitals Would Be Due June 24 Colin A. Young, State House News Service STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MAY ...Read More

As Healthcare Costs Rise GIC Opts Not to Cost Shift

April 12, 2024
Health insurance premiums under the state’s Group Insurance Commission are increasing for FY25. While increased costs are most certainly ...Read More
ibis health

IBIS Health’s New IBIS Passport

April 12, 2024
Offers Access to Health Data on the Go Curious how your blood sugar levels are trending, or trying to stay ...Read More

Seeking your thoughts on medical marijuana

April 12, 2024, ,
Before jumping to the topic of this week’s message, we want to first update you on positive developments surrounding ...Read More

No Deductible & Copay Increases

March 25, 2024
Good news came by way of the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC), which announced at the January commission meeting ...Read More


March 25, 2024
Unicare’s New Name As always, Mass Retirees will be updating members about this major development here, as well ...Read More

Medicare Buy-in: Local Update

March 25, 2024
Calling on State to Implement Program More local retirees will be participating in the Medicare Buy-In program next year ...Read More

Local Insurance Developments

March 25, 2024
MNHG Insurance Pool Discontinuing Benefits For decades, we’ve highlighted the important role that joint purchasing groups (JPGs) have played ...Read More

UniCare is Becoming Wellpoint

February 2, 2024
Mass Retirees Weekly Update By Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel For this week’s news video, I’m joined by ...Read More

Medicare: Turning 65

January 5, 2024
A Review of Required Medicare Enrollment & Eligibility One of the most common questions we receive from members is regarding ...Read More