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Since 2021 Senscio – a very familiar name to our readers – has partnered with the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) and developed an outreach program that offers the innovative Ibis Health Program to eligible local retirees in Medicare. To learn more about Senscio and MIIA, see our highlight below.

With Ibis, members living with multiple chronic health conditions such as COPD, diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, kidney disease and anxiety can access ongoing telehealth support to ensure their health stays on track. Mass Retirees has endorsed Ibis based on our belief that this virtual healthcare system provides better connectivity and control of members’ own health, leading to lower costs and better health outcomes. In recent months, Mass Retirees has been coordinating outreach to eligible MIIA health plan members with direct mailings and communications, as well as keeping local officials and elected leaders up to date.

Maynard Retirees Accept Their Personal Invitation

Most recently, Town of Maynard public retirees received a personal letter inviting them to learn more about the program. Ibis team members provided follow-up opportunities and to date four Maynard public retirees have enrolled in Ibis. These individuals paid no upfront cost, received a personal care monitoring kit and have begun their monthly health coaching journey. The monitoring kit includes a telehealth tablet that allows members to manage medications, track symptoms and monitor vital signs. With continuous connectivity and member advocates who work one-on-one for personalized care, health risks are flagged before they become health emergencies.

Here’s what Representative Kate Hogan of Stow, who is House Speaker Pro Tempore and represents Maynard as well as the Towns of Bolton, Hudson and Stow, had to say:

“One of the silver linings from the pandemic is the increased use of digitally-enabled health care, which gives people more tools for managing their health needs. I’m glad to see that Maynard is making digital-first services, like the Ibis Health Program, available to its health plan members to help individuals stay healthier and potentially reduce the need for costly health care services in the future. – Rep. Kate Hogan (D-Stow)”

More About Ibis, Senscio & MIIA

As the insurance arm of the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA), MIIA serves 400 cities, towns and public entities. MIIA partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to offer public retirees an extensive network of quality hospitals, physicians and essential health care providers.
Senscio Systems developed the Ibis Health Program, which utilizes a patented digital health platform to connect the user at home to clinical care teams. With over 1,000 members in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and now Rhode Island. Ibis Health users have reported 94% satisfaction on the program and a 37 percent decline in hospitalizations. Ibis Health is covered by Medicare Part B and Medicare supplemental plans.

The outreach program continues over the coming months, including Chelmsford, Mansfield, Saugus and Reading.

You can learn more about Ibis Health online at ibishealth.org or by calling 888-626-9995.

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