Retirees Owe Debt of Gratitude

Within today’s transient workforce, spending 45 years and seven months with a single employer is unheard of – just don’t tell that to Sue Tiffany, who retired in June after more than four decades with UniCare, the popular GIC health insurance plan.

When Tiffany started with the company in 1978 it was then known as John Hancock, which was then bought by California-based Wellpoint in 1997 and renamed UniCare. As has become routine within the healthcare marketplace, Wellpoint would later become Anthem – which is now owned by Elevance Health.

Despite the various iterations of ownership, UniCare has remained based in Massachusetts and has long served as the primary insurance provider for retirees insured through the Group Insurance Commission. And for more than four decades, Sue Tiffany has helped to ensure that retirees’ needs are met by the plan.

“Throughout my nearly 30-years with Mass Retirees, Sue Tiffany has been the go-to problem solver at UniCare. The focus on excellent member service is one of the reasons why UniCare has such a loyal following among retirees,” said Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel. “An example of just how much Sue cares about UniCare’s enrollees is when she took the time to stop by our meeting in Pompano Beach last winter. She was in the area with her family, knew we were hosting a meeting, and decided to come by to help answer questions from retirees. It is obvious that helping people was not a “job” to Sue. It is a calling.”

“Over the years, Sue has helped answer questions and resolve insurance claims problems of more retirees than I can possibly count. I’m sorry to see her go but wish her the best in her very much deserved retirement. Sue, thank you for all you have done to help public retirees,” adds Association Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman, a retiree of the GIC.

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