Barnstable County – Hyannis Fire District retiree, Harry Brunelle was re-elected to the Barnstable County Retirement Board without opposition to his third term. Board members certifying the election were Carol Coppola*, Ronald Bergstrom, retired Dennis Firefighter Robert Rolanti and TK Menesale. The recently appointed Susy Bento Holmes is the Board’s executive director.

Belmont – Retired firefighter Walter Wellman was elected to his 9th term on the Belmont Retirement Board. He was declared elected by the Board members as he was the only qualified candidate nominated for the election. The Board members declaring Walter elected were Donna Tuccinardi, Firefighter Ross Vona, Brian Antonellis and Thomas Gibson, Esq.* The Board’s executive director is recently appointed Ryan Horan.

Beverly – Firefighter Kevin Smith was unopposed is his re-election for his fourth term on the Beverly Retirement Board. The other Board members include Carol Augulewicz, Bryant, City Treasurer Bryant Ayles*, retired City Clerk D Wesley Slate, and the Melrose Retirement Board Executive Director Adam Travinski is the fifth member. The Board’s retirement director is Barbara Wells.

Framingham – Framingham Retirement Board declared retired Firefighter Joseph Fonseca re-elected without opposition. It will be Joe’s third term. Other members on the Board include retired Fire Lieutenant Peter Rovinelli* (Acting Chair) , Louise Miller, Mary Ellen Kelley and Walpole Police Officer John White, Jr.. The Framingham executive director is Laurie Lizak.

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District – The members of the Greater Lawrence Sanitary District Retirement Board elected Kristin Politano, administrative assistant at the District who received 35 votes to defeat retired Plant Operator and longtime Board member Michael Gagnon who received 21 votes. The other Board members include Joseph Quartarone, Laurie Elliott, Sandra Grenier* and Ronald Pollone. The Board’s retirement administrator is Heather Thibeault.

Lowell – The Lowell Retirement Board members declared retired Firefighter Bob Littlefield re-elected for his second term, as he was the only qualified candidate. The other Board members certifying the election were: Kelly Oakes, Firefighter David Keene, retired Fire Chief William Desrosiers and Michael Brennan. The retirement board administrator is Shannon Dowd.

Marlborough – Retired Police Officer Gregory Brewster* was re-elected to his 11th term and Firefighter William Taylor to his 9th term on the Marlboro Retirement Board. Declaring both candidates re-elected were the other members of the Board: Diane Smith, Daniel Stanhope, and Robert Gustafson. The Retirement Board director is Beth Matson.

Maynard – The Maynard Board of Selectmen appointed Assistant Town Clerk James Alexander as their representative to the Maynard Retirement Board. The other Board members are: Kevin Petersen, Firefighter, Patrick Hakey, Cliff Wilson and retired Chief Administrative Law Judge Christopher Connolly, Esq*. The Maynard Retirement Board executive director is Kenneth DeMars.

Melrose – Police Chief Michael Lyle was the only candidate nominated for the elected seat on the Melrose Retirement Board and was declared re-elected to his fourth term. The other Board members declaring the election were: Patrick Dello Russo*, Keriann Golden, Firefighter Scott Colborne and John McLaughlin, Jr. The Retirement Board’s executive director is Adam Travinski.

Middlesex County – The Middlesex County Retirement Board declared retired Wilmington Fire Lieutenant John Brown re-elected. John also serves as the MACRS vice president. Other members on the Board include: Thomas Gibson, Esq.*, Brian Curtain, Tewksbury Fire Chief Joseph Kearns and Robert Healy. The Retirement Boards’ chief administrative officer is Lisa Maloney, Esq.

Montague – Montague Retirement Board declared Cheryl Clark from the Treasurer/Collectors Office re-elected to her sixth term as she was unopposed in the election. Other members serving on the Board are: Carolyn Olsen*, Steven Ellis, retired Firefighter David Dion and Marianne Fiske, who is a retired Greenfield Retirement Administrator. The Montague Retirement Board administrator is Debra Underhill.

Natick – Town of Natick retired Building Commissioner Michael Melchiorri* was re-elected without opposition to his 8th term on the Natick Retirement Board. The other members on the Board include: Michelle Laramee, Eliot Lurier, Nicholas Mabardy and Michael Reardon. The Retirement Board director is Kathleen Bacon.

Newburyport – Retired Firefighter Joe Spaulding* was re-elected to his 5th term on the Newburyport Retirement Board, without opposition. He will be serving with Firefighter Jeff Cutter, Ethan Manning, retired Salisbury Town Administrator John Moak and Larry Guinta. The Newburyport’s retirement director is Laurie Burton.

Quincy – Firefighter Paul Moody replaced retried Firefighter Ernest Arienti and Police Officer Paul Brown replaced retired Police Officer Leo Coppens on the Quincy Retirement Board. The other board members include: Susan O’Connor*, Michael McFarland and Richard Fitzpatrick. The Board’s executive director is Brad Croall.

Southbridge – The town manager named the newly appointed Treasurer/Collector Michelle Hill to the Southbridge Retirement Board as the Board’s appointed member. The other members include Town Accountant Kristine Russell, Julie Pena*, Wilfrid Cournoyer and Pam LeDuc. The Board’s retirement administrator is Yolanda Alvarado.

Swampscott – The Swampscott Retirement Board declared retired Police Officer John Behen re-elected as he was the only candidate nominated in their recent election. John will begin his 8th term as an elected member on the Board. He will be joined by Superior Court Clerk of Court Thomas Driscoll, Jr.* Esq, retired Fire Chief, Kevin Breen, Amy Sarro and Robert Powell III. The Swampscott Board administrator is Nancy Lord.

Westfield – Retired Deputy Fire Chief Mark Devine* was unopposed and re-elected to the Westfield Retirement Board. The Board members declaring the election were: Vicki Moro, retired Police Sergeant Edward Murphy, Fire Captain Christopher Kane and Dennis Powers, Esq. The Board’s retirement administrator is Liam Browne.

Woburn – The Woburn Retirement Board declared Marilou Lundin, retired executive director of the Woburn system, elected as she was the only candidate nominated for the position. This will be Marilou’s tenth term on the Board. In addition. the Board reappointed Michael Gorman to his fifth term as fifth member. The other members serving are retired Fire Captain and Mass Retirees Association’s Middlesex District VP Denis Devine*, Charles Doherty and Gerald Surette. The Woburn Retirement Board’s executive director is Anne Speicher.

Worcester – John Mahan, the Police Department stress coordinator, was re-elected, unopposed in his sixth election to the Worcester Retirement Board. The other Board members include: Robert Stearns, Matthew Walley, retired Board Executive Secretary Elizabeth “Betsy” Early* and Tamara Cullen. Worcester Retirement Board’s executive secretary is Lisa Poske.

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