In late January, our Association participated in the Annual Communications and Legislative Conferences of the National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems – known as NCPERS.

The Washington, DC based organization advocates on behalf of public retirement systems from all across the country. NCPERS is also a leader in providing education services for retirement board members and professional staff. In addition to the annual Washington, DC based conferences, NCPERS hosts a wide variety of educational forums across the country each year.

The January conferences provided two and a half days of back-to-back meetings focused on retirement system communication with members, as well as a full federal and state legislative update. Hundreds of public retirement leaders from across the country were in attendance.

Tuesday’s Legislative Conference focused on a variety of topics directly related to public retirement policy, as well as the potential impact of the 2024 federal election cycle. Jonathan Capehart, associate editor for the Washington Post, and Matt Lewis, senior columnist for the Daily Beast served as keynote speakers kicking off the program by providing their professional insight.

In addition to our Association’s Shawn Duhamel and Nancy McGovern, officials from several MA public retirement systems as well as PERAC were in attendance.

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