Berkshire County – Town of Lanesborough retired Police Chief Timothy Sorrell was elected by the members of the Berkshire County Retirement system by receiving 451 votes to defeat Ms. Brandi Page, town administrator from Otis who received 301 votes. Mr. Sorrell will fill the seat vacated by Karen Williams, retired treasurer of Stockbridge. Chief Sorrell will join Michael Ovitt*, Egremont Town Treasurer Susan Funk, retired Lanesboro Police Chief Mark Bashara and Beth Matson who recently was appointed the Natick Retirement Board director. Sheila LaBarbera serves as the Board’s executive director.

Chicopee – Retired Fire Captain Paul Mailhott was unopposed and declared elected to his 3rd term by the Chicopee Retirement Board. In addition, David Ference was reappointed to his second term as the Board’s 5th member. Also serving on the Board are Sharyn Riley, Debra Boronski, and retired Firefighter Timothy O’Shea*. The Board’s executive director is Ana Gomes.

Clinton –The Clinton Retirement Board members declared Police Officer James McNamara re-elected to his second term as he was the only qualified candidate. The members declaring the election were retired Police Lieutenant Joseph Casasanto, David Baird, Diane Magliozzi and Paul Cherubini*. The Clinton Retirement Board’s administrator is Patty Hazel.

Gardner – The Gardner Retirement Board reappointed Gardner Court retiree Neil Janssens as their 5th member for his 5th term. The Board members making the reappointment were: John Richard, Kevin McInerney, retired Fire Captain Robert Newton and retired DPW Administrative Assistant Denise Merriam*. The Board administrator is Cheryl Bosse.

Greater Lawrence Sanitary District – The Greater Lawrence Sanitary District Employees Retirement Board voted to reappoint their 5th member, retired Internal Revenue Tax Auditor Ronald Pollone. The four members voting to reappoint were Joseph Quartarone, retired Greater Lawrence Staff Accountant Sandra Grenier, Laurie Elliott and District Administrative Assistant Kristin Politano. The Retirement administrator is Heather Thibeault.

Hampden County – The Hampden County Advisory Council appointed East Longmeadow Treasurer Dawn Fonte as their appointment to the Hampden County Retirement Board. She is replacing Michelle Hill. The other members on the Board include Karl Schmaeizle*, who also serves as our Association’s Western Mass Area Vice President and an executive board member of the Mass. Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS), Robert Taylor, Thomas Sullivan, and Patrick O’Neil. The Hampden Board executive director is Karen Martin.

Hampshire County – Incumbent Harry Chadwick chose not to run for re-election and Sean Mangano resigned on 12/31/23 from the Hampshire County Retirement Board. An election was held to fill both seats concurrently and the membership elected two new members, Amherst Treasurer Jennifer LaFountain, received 450 votes to replace Chadwick and Hampshire County Insurance Trust Director Joseph Shea received 408 votes to fill the unexpired term of Mangano. Jean Fay, retired Amherst School Department employee also was a candidate who received 334 votes. In addition, the Advisory Council re-elected Jane Wolfe to her 3rd term as their representative to the Board. The other two members on the Board are Patrick Brock* and Joe Cook. The Board administrator is Mary Baronas.

Hull – In a concurrent election held by the Hull Retirement Board, both seats were filled without opposition by Building Inspector Bartley Kelly who was re-elected and Christopher Dilorio They will join the other three members: Michael Buckley*, Eileen White and Gregory Galvin. The Retirement Board administrator is former State Retirement Board Administrator Darrell Bright who was recently appointed by the Board.

Lexington – The Lexington Retirement Board declared retired Firefighter Joseph Foley elected, as he was the only candidate who filed nomination papers and was re-elected to his 7th term. In addition, the Board members reappointed Alan Fields as their fifth member for his 9th term and the Board of Selectmen reappointed Fredrick Weiss as their representative for his 8th term. The other two members on the Board are retired Fire Lieutenant, Robert Cunha* and Carolyn Kosnoff. The Lexington Retirement administrator is Michele Malone.

Lynn – After a diligent and competitive search, the Lynn Retirement Board saw fit to reappoint Michael Marks, Esq* to his 8th term as its fifth member. Board members making the reappointment were retired Firefighters Robert “Moona” Mullins and Richard Biagiotti, City Comptroller Stephen Spencer and Association President Frank Valeri who serves as Mayor Nicholson’s appointment. The Lynn Retirement Board’s executive director is Gary Brenner.

Medford – The Medford Retirement Board declared retired Fire Captain Rick Jordan* elected to his 7th term as he was the only qualified candidate. The Board members also reappointed retired MDC Director of Human Recourses, Jim Vieira to his 10th consecutive term. And Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn reappointed retired City Councilor Robert Maiocco to his 3rd term. Retired Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Ripley is the other elected member. The Medford Retirement Board’s executive director is Mark Minervini.

Methuen – Retired Fire Lieutenant Michael Hennessey had served 27 years on the Methuen Retirement Board and decided not to run for re-election. Upon calling for an election there was only one qualified nominee, Fire Chief John Sheehy* who was declared elected by the Methuen Board members. Also, Mayor Neil Perry appointed Human Resources Director Gina LaGreca as his designee. Chief Sheehy had been serving as his appointed member prior to being elected. Kaitlyn Doucette is the Board’s retirement administrator.

Montague – The Montague Retirement Board members reappointed retired Greenfield Board Administrator, Marianne Fiske as their 5th member. It will be Marianne’s 7th term as the board’s 5th member and one term as an elected member just prior to that. Marianne also served as the Montague Retirement Board Administrator before retiring as the administrator for the Greenfield Retirement Board. The other Board members include Town Administrator Steven Elllis, Carolyn Olsen*, retired Firefighter David Dion and Cheryl Clark. Debra Underhill is the Retirement Board administrator.

Norfolk County – The Norfolk County Retirement Advisory Council determined with only one qualified candidate it declared incumbent retired Sharon Firefighter Edwin Little re-elected to the Norfolk County Retirement Board. The other members on the Board include Norfolk County Treasurer Michael G. Bellotti*, retired Randolph Town Administrator Paul Connors, Walpole Treasurer Lisa Sinkus and retired Acting Sheriff Josephine Shea. The Norfolk County Retirement Board executive director is Kathleen KielyBecchetti, Esq. who also serves as the president of the Mass. Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS).

North Adams – Mayor Jennifer Macksey reappointed Beverly Cooper, current city treasurer and former Retirement Board administrator to her second term. In addition, the Mayor re-appointed Kathleen Wall to fill a 3-year term. Kathleen will begin her 8th term on the Board. The other members include Firefighter Matthew LaBonte, Fred Thompson, Esq. and retired Fire Lieutenant Lawrence O’Brien*. The Board administrator is Shawn Flynn.

Saugus – The Saugus Retirement Board voted to reappoint Doreen DiBari as their 5th member on the Board. Members making the reappointment were Donna Matarazzo, Eugene Decareau, Fire Lieutenant Mark Gannon and Fire Lieutenant Bill Cross, III*. The Saugus Board administrator is Ann Quinlan.

Stoneham – The Stoneham Retirement Board declared retired Firefighter John Scullin and Fire Captain Francis Gould reelected as they were the only ones filing nomination papers for their election. It will be John Scullin’s 4th term and Francis Gould’s 3rd term. The other Board members include Lauri Plourde, Kathleen Sullivan and Janice Houghton*. The Stoneham retirement administrator is Christopher Delisi.

Wakefield – The Wakefield Retirement Board declared Assistant Town Assessor Scott Morrison elected to replace Dennis Fazio who chose not to run for reelection. Scott was the only qualified candidate nominated. In addition, Dan Sherman, licensed actuary, was reappointed the Board’s fifth member. The other Board members include Kevin Gill*, Erin Kokinda and Sheri Dalton. The Wakefield Retirement Board executive director is Cathy Creek.

Webster – Subsequent to a competitive search, the Webster Retirement Board reappointed retired investment banker Brian Perry as their 5th member. The other Board members include Timothy Bell, Eleanor Doros, Robert Craver* and retired Police Officer James Hoover. The Retirement Board administrator is Kristin LaPlante.

Weymouth – Retired police officer Richard “Dick” Hayes was re-elected by the members of the Weymouth Retirement System, as he was unopposed in his 5th term on the Weymouth Retirement Board. Joining Mr. Hayes on the Board are: Brent Lydon, Gregory Hargadon, retired Fire Chief Joseph Davis* and Barbara Costa. The Weymouth Retirement Board director is Ed Masterson.

*Denotes Chair

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