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At Wellpoint, Your Whole Health Is Our Whole Point By David Morales

Did you know that up to 80 percent of health outcomes are determined outside of the doctor’s office? Much of our health is affected by our circumstances and behaviors. Nonclinical factors like where you live, personal finances, exercise, access to nutritious food and reliable transportation, or social isolation can affect your overall health.

That’s why at UniCare we take a broader view of health and have been working hard to address not only the physical factors that affect health, but the mental, emotional, and social factors that affect one’s overall well-being – your whole health.

Please be on the lookout for our new name when you receive your Benefit Guide before Annual Enrollment in April. Starting July 1, UniCare’s commercial and Medicare Supplement plans will officially use the Wellpoint name. It’s important to note that there will be no changes to your healthcare access, benefits, or coverage. You will continue to have robust access to your primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. And you will continue to enjoy the same level of exceptional service you receive from our team today.

We believe that your health plan should empower you to live a healthy life and enable you to access healthcare services whenever and wherever you need them. That’s why our plans include a range of well-being tools and services, including telehealth, real-time chat with providers, fitness reimbursement, a 24/7 nurse line, and access to integrated and collaborative behavioral healthcare services.

In addition, last year UniCare introduced a virtual chronic care management program called Ibis Health that offers personalized care, roundthe-clock monitoring, and one-to-one monthly support for Medicare Extension plan members living with two or more chronic conditions. The goal is to help retirees live healthier lives with fewer instances of unnecessary hospitalizations through proactive member support. We have been working closely with the Mass Retirees Association to highlight the benefits of this unique program for eligible members.

We also strongly believe that improving whole health means ensuring our members have access to affordable care. Many retirees live on fixed incomes and any increase in the cost of care negatively affects personal and family budgets. That’s why we continue to champion access to affordable healthcare for our members and Massachusetts taxpayers. One example of how we do this is by working closely with providers to negotiate contracts that preserve access to care, while keeping any increases in costs at reasonable levels. We also work closely with providers to promote payments that reward them for improving the whole health of our members instead of the volume of services provided.

For us, helping our members, Bay State residents, and communities means helping our own families, friends, and neighbors. Massachusetts is our home too and serving you is a mission that has fueled our work for nearly four decades, since 1988. We remain passionate about supporting you, finding novel ways to build a healthier Massachusetts, and maintaining affordable access to the healthcare benefits you deserve.

On behalf of the entire team at UniCare – soon to be Wellpoint – we look forward to continuing to support your health journey for many years to come. At Wellpoint, your whole health is our whole point.

David Morales is the general manager of UniCare, soon to become Wellpoint. Learn more at unicaremass.com.


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