Last year – three years after the COVID outbreak, the Association returned to Florida where thousands of members reside either permanently or as snow birds. “Traditionally, Mass Retirees had always conducted meetings for its many Florida members, and regrettably the pandemic brought that to an immediate halt,” according to Meeting Coordinator Leo Delaney. “But then last year, we decided to test the waters again and held a meeting at the Pompano Beach Civic Center.

“Pompano was so well received that we decided on a full slate of meetings this year, including on the Gulf Coast for the first time in three years. Frank (Valeri), Shawn (Duhamel) and myself conducted a whirlwind of meetings on the Sun Coast and then the Gulf.”

As the photos here show, they were greeted by an enthusiastic audience at each stop. Delaney sums it up: “We thank our members for turning out and taking the opportunity to talk directly to us on what their concerns are.”

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