“With Ralph recently passing, we decided to remember first his life (see March Voice) and then in the next (May) issue, as Mass Retirees president from 1968 through 2013, according to Association Counsel Bill Rehrey who worked with Ralph for almost all those years. “And, when looking back over four plus decades we soon realized what a daunting challenge we faced in highlighting his career with the Association.”

During his leadership, Mass Retirees sponsored or played a primary role in enacting over 175 retirement related laws. Included here is a table that briefly summarizes a sampling of them.

While Association President, Ralph sat on numerous study commissions and boards to ensure that retirees and survivors would have their voices fully heard. That includes serving on the all-important State Retirement Board and the state PRIM (Pension Reserves Investment Management) Board. Both these boards are chaired by the sitting State Treasurer. And, his service and contributions on these Boards spanned the terms of several state treasurers, some of whom are pictured here.

“When I succeeded Ralph, I said that I could not fill his shoes but only follow in his footsteps,” adds President Frank Valeri. “Because of all that Ralph did for this Association, public retirees and their families, I’m honored to be serving and striving to live up to the amazing legacy that he has left.”

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