Andover – Andover Retirement Board members reappointed Blackwell “Bojay” Taylor as their fifth member and Firefighter Eric Teichert was re-elected unopposed as he was the only qualified candidate nominated. The Board members making the reappointment and certifying the election were Hayley Green, CPA.*, Elena Kothman and Deidre Lockhart. Elena Kothman also serves as the Board’s executive director.

Arlington – The Arlington Retirement Board reappointed Alfred “Fred” Fantini as their fifth member. This will be his second term as fifth member. The other members making the appointment include retired Police Lieutenant Kenneth Hughes*, retired Fire Chief Robert Jefferson, Ida Cody and Richard Keshian, Esq. Rich Greco is the Arlington retirement administrator.

Brockton – Deputy Fire Chief Scott Albanese was declared re-elected by the Brockton Retirement Board, as he was unopposed in his third term. Scott is also an elected member of the MACRS Executive Board. The members making the declaration were Irene Giannopoulos, John Condon, retired Fire Lieutenant and State Retirement Board member Archie Gormley, and retired Plymouth County Retirement Board Executive Director Bill Farmer*. Brockton’s executive director is Jeanne Martineau.

Framingham – Recently reappointed City Accountant Richard Howarth Jr.* has also assumed the ex-officio position on the Framingham Retirement Board. In addition, CFO Jennifer Pratt was named the appointed member replacing Louise Miller who left the City of Framingham. The other Board member are retired Firefighter Joseph Fonseca, retired Fire Lieutenant Peter Rovinelli and Walpole Police Officer John White, Jr. Laurie Lizak is the Board’s executive director.

Gloucester – Concord Retirement Board’s Executive Director Linda Boucher was appointed as the Gloucester Retirement Board fifth member. She replaces Juanita Escobar who did not seek reappointment. The Board members making the appointment were Kenny Costa, Donna Leete, retired Firefighter Douglas MacArthur*, and retired Firefighter James Hannon Jr. The Board’s executive director is Patricia Ivas.

Leominster – Firefighter Shayne Newton was re-elected to his second term on the Leominster Retirement Board. Shayne received 83% of the members voting in his re-election bid. The other members serving on the board are Jennifer Reddington, CPA, David LaPlante*, Firefighter Jonathan Campagnau and Douglas Farwell. The Retirement Board’s administrator is Erin Hunt.

Lowell – Retired Magistrate Michael Brennan was reappointed as the Lowell Retirement Board’s fifth member for his 8th term. Members making the appointment were Kelly Oakes, Firefighter David Keene, retired Fire Chief William Desrosiers*, and retired Firefighter Robert Littlefield. Lowell’s Retirement Board administrator is Shannon Dowd.

Mass. Housing Finance Agency Retirement Board – The Mass. Housing Finance Agency Retirement Board members declared Antonio Torres re-elected as he was the only candidate nominated for election. Board members making the declaration were Rachel Madden, Thomas Flynn, Mike Fitzmaurice* and Paul Hynes, Esq. The Board’s executive director is Joe Petty.

Maynard – The Maynard Retirement Board declared Assistant Town Accountant Susan Baltazar elected as she was the only candidate nominated. She replaced retired Police Officer Clifford Wilson who decided not to run for re-election after serving five terms on the Board. Other members on the Board making the declaration were James Alexander, Kevin Petersen, Firefighter Patrick Hakey and retired Administrative Law Judge Christopher Connolly*. The executive director is Kenneth DeMars.

Montague – Montague Selectmen reappointed Steven Ellis as their representative to serve his third term on the Montague Retirement Board. The other members on the Board include Carolyn Olsen*, retired Firefighter David Dion, Cheryl Clark and retired Greenfield Retirement Administrator, Marianne Fiske. Debra Underhill is the Retirement Administrator.

Natick – Michael Reardon was reappointed the fifth member of the Natick Retirement Board. This will be his fifth term on the Board as fifth member. The Board members making the reappointment were Michelle Laramee, Marco Gargurevich, retired Police Chief Nicholas Mabardy and retired Building Commissioner Michael Melchiorri*. The Board’s retirement director is Beth Matson.

New Bedford – The New Bedford Retirement Board members voted to appoint Christopher Saunders, Esq. as their 5th member. The New Bedford resident is also chairman of the Bristol County Retirement System and County Treasurer. Board members voting to appoint were, retired Police Officer Len Baillargeon*, retired Firefighter James Kummer and the two mayoral appointees, Quillan Lowney and Angela Natho. Serving the Board as executive director is Eric Cohen.

Taunton – The Taunton Retirement Board voted to reappoint Barry Amaral, from the Bristol County Registry of Deeds, as the fifth member of the Board. Board members voting to make the reappointment were Ian Fortes, Gill Enos, retired Police Detective Dennis Smith*, and retired Fire Lieutenant Thomas Bernier. The Taunton Retirement Board’s executive director is Paul Slivinski.

Webster – Retired Investment Banker Brian Perry was reappointed to his second term as the Webster Retirement Board’s fifth member. Board members making the reappointment were Timothy Bell, Eleanor Doros, Robert Craver* and retired Police Detective James Hoover. The Webster Retirement Board administrator is Kristin LaPlante.

Wellesley – Wellesley Retirement Board members appointed Ed Heilbron as their 5th member on the Board. In addition, Michael DiPietro replaced Ex-Officio member Sheryl Strother. Other Board members include, David Kornwitz*, Firefighter Michael Leach and Police Officer Timothy Barros. The Board’s retirement administrator is Lynn Whynot.

Westfield – Westfield Contributory Retirement System sought nomination papers for an Elected Board member and Fire Captain Christopher Kane was the only nominee and has been declared the winner by the Westfield Retirement Board. It will be Christopher’s fourth term on the Board. The remaining members declaring the election were Vicki Moro, retired Police Sergeant Edward Murphy, retired Deputy Fire Chief Mark Devine* and Dennis Powers, Esq. The Westfield retirement administrator is Liam Browne. *Denotes Chair

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