Response to Herald Assault on Public Pensions

July 11, 2024,
To The Editor: The July 9, 2024, editorial “Taxpayer-funded public pensions have got to go” represents a misleading and ...Read More

Nearly 20% of Retirement Systems at or Near Full Funding

July 10, 2024,
Investment Success Must Be Shared Twenty of the 104 Massachusetts public retirement systems were at least 90% fully funded as ...Read More

WEP/GPO Origins & Solutions

July 10, 2024,
Focus of Congressional Hearing To restate the obvious, Mass Retirees has sought to end the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision ...Read More

Mass Retirees Legislative Update Formal Session Ends July 31st

July 10, 2024,
Budget & Several Impactful Bills Pending The end of the 2023-2024 legislative session is fast approaching with full formal ...Read More

Mass Retirees Spring Area Meetings

July 10, 2024,
Members Turn Out for Latest News With legislative activity intensifying as the State House approaches the end of its formal ...Read More
ibis health

IBIS Health: Managing Your Medications Properly

July 10, 2024,
Taking the Right Dose on the Right Day, at the Right Time Exactly four years ago, Mass Retirees announced in ...Read More

Retirement Boards: Elections & Appointments

July 10, 2024,
Andover – Andover Retirement Board members reappointed Blackwell “Bojay” Taylor as their fifth member and Firefighter Eric Teichert was re-elected ...Read More

Mass Retirees Survey Shows Strong Interest in Medical Cannabis

July 10, 2024,
More Than 1,900 Members Participated in Poll Twelve years after medical marijuana was legalized here in Massachusetts and with ...Read More

EO Care Study: Promising Results

July 10, 2024,
Initial studies around the impact of the use of medical cannabis on health care costs are promising, including one by ...Read More

Health insurance news to start FY25

June 28, 2024,
Weekly News Update: June 28, 2024 In addition to this week’s update being the last for the month of ...Read More

State Budget & WEP/GPO News

June 18, 2024, ,
This week our focus returns to the FY25 State Budget, which is now before a House /Senate conference committee, as ...Read More

If you’ve earned a public pension, beware of how it affects your Social Security benefits in retirement

June 10, 2024,
The Social Security Administration slashed Falmouth resident Venera Cocks’s benefits and is demanding repayment of over $16,000 after ...Read More

Steward Outlines Process To Sell, Auction Hospitals

May 16, 2024,
Bids For Mass. Hospitals Would Be Due June 24 Colin A. Young, State House News Service STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MAY ...Read More

Health care in Massachusetts is in need of reform

May 15, 2024, ,
It is the Legislature’s responsibility to ensure that what happened with Steward Health Care never happens again in Massachusetts ...Read More

Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset Testimony

April 30, 2024,
April 16, 2024: Official testimony submitted to the House Committee on Ways and Means  Chairman Jason Smith, Ranking Member Richard ...Read More

WEP/GPO Hearing Rundown

April 19, 2024,
April 19, 2024: The following is Mass Retirees analysis of the April 16, 2024 Congressional hearing on the Social Security ...Read More

Special Alert: WEP/GPO hearing scheduled

April 12, 2024,
A Congressional hearing on the Social Security WEP and GPO has been scheduled for this coming Tuesday, April 16, at ...Read More

As Healthcare Costs Rise GIC Opts Not to Cost Shift

April 12, 2024
Health insurance premiums under the state’s Group Insurance Commission are increasing for FY25. While increased costs are most certainly ...Read More

REMINDER: UniCare is now Wellpoint

April 12, 2024
As we reported in March, UniCare has changed its name to Wellpoint. The change will take effect on July 1 ...Read More

Strong Performance by Commonwealth’s Pension Fund

April 12, 2024
Positive news on 2023 investment returns has been reported from the Commonwealth’s pension fund, PRIT (Pension Reserves Investment Trust ...Read More