GIC Rates Hold Steady For FY15

May 5, 2014
MAY 2014 VOICE: Members, who are state and municipal retirees receiving their health insurance through the state’s Group Insurance ...Read More

Insurance Moratorium Set To Expire

May 4, 2014
Association Seeks Two-Year Exentention On Retiree Premium PercentagesMAY 2014 VOICE: For the past three years, retired teachers and municipal ...Read More

Social Security WEP/GPO Update

May 3, 2014
Association Meets With FedsMAY 2014 VOICE: This winter, Association President Frank Valeri and Legislative Liaison Shawn Duhamel met with members ...Read More

Spotlight on Basic Life Insurance

May 2, 2014
Report Brings Focus to Increase For State Retirees & EmployeesMAY 2014 Voice: Information recently obtained from the both the National ...Read More