JUNE 19, 2018: Mass Retirees is calling for your immediate help in advocating for our legislation that will permanently protect local retirees from future increases in the percentage of the health insurance premium that you must pay. Today, the House will begin debate on the H4617, a bill relative to healthcare reform in Massachusetts and consider an amendment that provides this basic protection to all local retirees – including retired teachers.

Since 2011 a temporary law has been in effect, known as the "Moratorium Law," that freezes the retiree premium percentage. This freeze or “Moratorium” expires June 30, leaving retirees with no protection from increased health insurance premium percentage rates. Simply put, this can't be allowed to happen, and time is of the essence! 

On behalf of Mass Retirees, State Representative Michael Day of Stoneham has filed Amendment #67 to H4617. We believe that our amendment offers a more reasoned and permanent approach than the Moratorium Law. This proposal would hold harmless current retirees from any new increase in premium percentage that local officials may adopt and allow the increase to be applied only to future retirees. This is a fair and equitable approach – one that that state itself has implemented since 1994!

With debate on H4617 scheduled to begin on today, it is crucial that we make a strong push to have Amendment #67 approved by the House. Therefore, we ask that you contact your State Rep. and request two things: 

  • That they please support Amendment #67. 
  • That they call on the House leadership to bring Amendment #67 to a vote and successfully adopt it within the final bill passed by the House.

Your State Representative needs to hear from you on this. Click here for their contact info.

Please share this message with your fellow local retirees!

Here are some basic facts about Amendment #67, filed by Rep. Michael Day and entitled "Protecting Local Retirees".

  • Protects local retirees from new increases in local insurance premium percentages.
  • Permanently extends to current retirees the protections set forth in municipal insurance moratorium established by the legislature within the 2011 Municipal Healthcare Reform Law (Chapter 69). 
  • Does not increase municipal costs and does not prevent changes in premium percentages for future retirees.