Veterans: RMV Offers Free Duplicate License

One of the Association’s primary legislative goals is to enhance the pension benefits of our veterans in recognition of their service and sacrifice for our country.  During the current (2017-2018) legislative session, we continue to push for enactment of H1435 and S1393 that increase the veterans’ minimum pension from $300 to $1,000.  Ed Note:  While S1393 was introduced by Senator Vinny de Macedo (R-Plymouth) H1435 was introduced for us by Representative Jerald Parisella (D-Beverly) who is the House Chairman of the Joint Public Service Committee.  These bills will be scheduled for hearing before the Public Service Commission.


And Mass Retirees is not alone when it comes to trying to do right by our veterans.  “Recently Executive Board Member Dan Turco, himself a veteran, brought to our attention a special offer from the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) to veterans,” according to Voice Publisher Nancy Delaney.  “Here’s what it is.”


According to the RMV, eligible veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces, who were honorably discharged, can choose to have the word “Veteran” printed on their License or ID card.  If their License or ID card is not eligible for renewal, the veteran can obtain a duplicate License or ID card for no fee with the word Veteran printed on it (Veteran Indicator).


Eligible veterans can only be processed by going in person to their local RMV or AAA locations.  You need to bring a completed Class D, M, or D/M License and ID card application and one of the following:

  • DD-214 that indicates “Honorable” in the Character of Service box or Character of Separation    Box.  Only the long form (full page) DD-214 is acceptable; the short form (half page) cannot be accepted.
  • DD-215 that includes honorable discharge.
  • Honorable Discharge form.  This form was used during WWII and the Korean War and does display a Character of Service Box or a Character of Separation box.

Please note that you must bring one of the above even if you have Veterans’ plates.



“With Veterans’ Day not far off, the Association wishes to take this opportunity and thank our veterans for their service,” says Association President Frank Valeri. “And one way we can show our thanks is a decent increase in the veterans’ bonus.  So be assured we’ll continue to push for our legislation to do just that.”