Ralph White Reelected in Landslide

New 3-Year Term On State Retirement Board

DECEMBER 10, 2013: The Association’s Ralph White has been reelected to a new 3-year term on the State Retirement Board. White topped the ticket in a landslide, winning by more than 11,000 votes.

He received 79% of the total votes cast by the members of the State Retirement System. White has served on the Board since 1996.

White is excited to carry on as your elected member representative. He stated “I will continue to be your guardian of the Commonwealth’s pension fund – a sacred trust fund, which belongs to YOU, not the state. I am always available (617-723-7283) to you as a member of the State Retirement System. Thank you for re-electing me so that I can continue to fight on your behalf for a more equitable retirement formula and increased pension COLA and survivor benefits. The attack on our pension benefits has been relentless. You need me on the line, and I need your support. Thank you once again.”