Blizzard May Cause Postal Delays

JANUARY 29, 2015: Tax documents for retired Massachusetts public employees are now in the process of being issued by the 10 retirement systems.

The IRS gives retirement boards (and all employers) through January 30th to issue 1099s to those retirees and surviving spouses who received a retirement allowance in 2014. Some systems have already mailed the forms to retirees. All members should receive their 1099 document by the end of the first week of February.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the severe blizzard experienced in Massachusetts earlier this week, processing of the 1099s and mail delivery have been slowed. State and many local governments were closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The US Postal Service suspended service in Eastern Massachusetts during the height of the blizzard on Tuesday. Service resumed on Wednesday, but pickup and delivery were slowed.

Members should allow at least a week, through Friday February 6th, for delivery of the 1099 prior to contacting the retirement system to report a lost form.