White is Candidate

SEPTEMBER 9, 2013: Although no longer President of the Association, Ralph White will remain active in the public retirement arena.

His first chore is to win reelection to the State Board of Retirement for a new three-year term beginning in January. The election is now underway.

“If elected, as a member of the State Board I will continue to retain my relationship with the Commonwealth’s Teachers’ Board and the other 103 Boards that include our network,” said White. “This network is what draws us close together and has been responsible for our success. “As a member of this statewide team, I feel somewhat rejuvenated with the office of Association President no long on my shoulders.”

Also elected to the office of Association Vice President, White is one of six vice presidents that are selected to represent various areas of the state and report directly to the President. “I will be very comfortable in that role,” said White. We have an excellent cadre of vice presidents and executive board members all of whom reports directly to the President.”