Social Security WEP Update

Ways and Means Activity Continues

Amidst the work done to craft the tax reform package passed by the House of Representatives in November, their key Ways & Means Committee staff continue to quietly work to refine a proposal reforming the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).

Led by Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), Ways & Means has been front page news across the country for months. Brady is the lead Republican sponsor of the proposal to reform the WEP law, which was previously known as HR 711. He’s joined in his effort to reform the WEP by Massachusetts Congressman Richie Neal, who is the Committee’s ranking Democratic member.

Association officials were on Capitol Hill in early November to meet with Ways & Means Republican and Democratic staff to discuss strategy to pass a reform bill during the current Congressional session. Both sides remain committed to passing legislation during the current session.

“Our national advocacy and the pressure being brought by retirees are showing positive results. We’re seeing behind the scenes activity and are hopeful that a legislative vehicle can be found this winter to finally move a bill through Congress,” says Legislative Director Shawn Duhamel. 

“Hopefully Congress can move beyond the recent fights over healthcare and taxes, onto issues where there is broad agreement within both parties. We believe WEP reform is one such issue.”