Agreement Between GIC and U-Mass Medical

Open Enrollment Begins

APRIL 7, 2015: At the proverbial 11th hour, U-Mass Medical Group agreed to a new contract with the state’s Group Insurance Commission and its basic indemnity plan carrier, UniCare.

For months U-Mass Medical had baulked at agreeing to a new UniCare contract, despite repeated attempts by the GIC and UniCare officials to broker a deal. The dispute was reportedly due to a disagreement over reimbursement rates paid to U-Mass. Officials claimed that the rates offered by the GIC through UniCare were too low.

After months of back and forth negotiations, U-Mass agreed to accept the GIC UniCare plan’s rate of reimbursement. This means that those members insured under the UniCare plans and under care by a U-Mass affiliated Dr. will not be required to change insurance plans

Open enrollment is now underway for all retired and active employees insured by the GIC, lasting through May 6th. A full listing of GIC Health Fairs can be found in the March 2015 edition of the Voice or online by clicking here.

Members are encouraged to review the GIC Benefits Decision Guide to determine whether or not changes have been made to the health plan in which you are currently enrolled. If you have questions regarding coverage, please attend a health fair or contact the GIC directly.