13 Locations Across The State Thru April  

February 12, 2016: Today the Group Insurance Commission announced the schedule for the 2016 Health Fairs. This is an annual practice that the GIC conducts during its open enrollment which this year runs from April 6th to May 4th.

“During open enrollment, members can compare GIC insurance plans and consider making a switch,” according to the Association’s Insurance Coordinator Cheryl Stillman. “And the health fairs provide an excellent opportunity to do just that while talking directly with state officials and the insurance representatives”

This year there will be 13 fairs, all of which will be held in April, starting on April 8th in Pittsfield and ending April 28th in Wrentham. Below is the complete schedule with all the details.

“I’ve attended fairs every year and find them very informative and worthwhile,” continues Stillman. “If there’s one in your area, please go.

“If you’re going to switch your coverage, you have until May 4 to file the necessary paperwork with the GIC. And more importantly, remember that if you not switching and plan to keep your current insurance plan, then you don’t do anything.”

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