Retiree Dental Enrollment Climbs

GIC Plan Adds 2,300 For FY15

JUNE 13, 2014: At its monthly meeting held today, the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC) announced that enrollment in the retiree-pay-all dental program increased by some 2,300 retirees for Fiscal Year 2015, which begins July 1.

Now entering its 11th year of existence, the retiree dental program is not only a great success story for the GIC, but also for our Association. The program was created at the behest of our Association in 2003 and has grown to nearly 27,000 enrollees.

“We’ve reported on this a few times in the past, but the story bears repeating,” says Association Executive VP Bill Rehrey. “When we first approached the GIC in the late 90s about creating a retiree dental plan, we were told that it would be nearly impossible to create a plan that would attract much interest from retirees. To the credit of the GIC, they kept listening and working with us.

“Then in 2003 they took the leap of faith and created the retiree dental plan, which is retiree-pay-all meaning that there is no contribution from the state. At that time no one was sure if it would work. Now that we’re closing in on 30,000 enrollees there is no question that they plan works and works well.”

Monthly rates for FY15, which commence in July, are as follows:
($1,250 maximum annual benefit per enrollee)
Individual: $28.23
Family: $68.00