Articles about Legislation that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

County Government Systems Seek To Reorganize

NOVEMBER 1998 - Legislation On Deck Before House - In
what has become a Beacon Hill soap opera of sorts, the retirement
systems of the state’s abolished counties are seeking legislation to
reorganize into regional retirement systems.

Retirees Benefit From Pop-Up

NOVEMBER 1998 - Municipalities Implement New Law - Retirees
from across the Commonwealth have begun to reap the benefits of the new
Option C “Pop-Up” law passed in July. Hundreds of eligible members from
the state and teachers’ retirement systems have seen their pensions
increase from 15-25%.

"Needham Bill" Nears Final Passage

NOVEMBER 1998 - All
signs point to the Legislature taking final action on H-5369 before
1998 ends. Labelled the “Needham bill,” referring to the Needham
retiree whose controversy triggered the bill’s introduction (see
September Voice), H-5369 allows retirement boards to forgive a retiree
for certain overpayments in his pension.