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MARCH 2012 VOICE: Year 2011 was not a good year for the $47.1 billion Commonwealth’s Pension Reserves Investment Trust (PRIT) Fund.

After strongly recovering from disastrous Year 2008, when the Fund lost -29.50% of its value, followed by earnings of 17.06% in Year 2009 and 13.56% in Year 2010, the Fund was a victim of the worldwide market slump last year. PRIT barely squeaked into the black with a return of 0.15%

PRIM Board Election Underway

PRIM Board Election Underway

MARCH 25, 2019: This week, retired and active state employees began to receive ballots to cast a vote to elect your representative to the state's Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board. Mass Retirees Executive Vice President Paul Shanley is the current elected member and is seeking reelection as your representative. Our Association has endorsed Paul and fully supports his reelection to this very important position.

Secure retirement benefits

Secure retirement benefits

Dear Members,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and enduring this difficult time as best as you can. Here at Mass Retirees, our staff is doing as well as can be expected. We are still working on your behalf, albeit remotely. If you need us, please call or email.

Reelect Frank Valeri to the State Retirement Board

Reelect Frank Valeri to the State Retirement Board

OCTOBER 16, 2019: An election is now underway for state retirees and active employees to elect one of two representatives to the State Retirement Board. Mass Retirees President Frank Valeri is seeking reelection to a 2nd term on the State Board.



In our Association’s last May edition of The Voice we highlighted the Fall River Retirement Board and the City of Fall River itself.

We also named the young Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correira, in a positive sense, highlighting his website message:

Jasiel Correira: “Make it Here” is for the dream chasers, entrepreneurs, business-owned hungry graduates, and all those looking for reinvention in its myriad forms. Because they can make it here in Fall River whether a dream, a destination or the chance at a fresh start at a new day.”

Mass Retirees Endorses Theresa McGoldrick

Mass Retirees Endorses Theresa McGoldrick

For Reelection to State Retirement Board

State Retirees and active employees should be aware that an election is now underway for one of two seats on the State Board of Retirement. These elected officials are your representatives on the five-member Board.

As members know, Mass Retirees President Frank Valeri currently serves as one of the two elected members on the State Retirement Board. His term will end December 2019.

Cancer Prevention Takes Center Stage At Retirement Conference

Firefighters Focus on Prevention

Twice a year the Mass. Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS) holds educational conferences designed to enhance the knowledge of board members and staff from the state’s 104 retirement systems. Beyond simply learning about investment practices and retirement law, attendees have the opportunity to grow their knowledge of some of the most important issues of our times.

State & Teachers' 2018 Mailing Dates Announced By Treasurer Goldberg

State Treasurer Deb Goldberg has announced the Mailing dates for State and Teacher pension checks for calendar year 2018. Also included are the direct deposit dates for those members who utilize that service through the Treasurer’s office.


Mass Retirees Endorses Paul Shanley For PRIM Board


APRIL 10, 2017: For those retired members of STATE Retirement system who have not submitted ballots for this very important election at the State Pension Reserves Investment Management board (PRIM); Please vote on-line before Tuesday, May 9th  before 5pm, or by mail, postmarked before such deadline!

“Its essential we continue to have a voice on the investment arm of our state pension system, please vote for Paul Shanley”, Association President Frank Valeri.

Valeri Elected to State Retirement Board

Succeeds Association Founder Ralph White

The following is special message from Association President Frank Valeri: