Retirement Systems

Articles about Retirement Boards that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

Tenny Elected President

SEPT 2007 - Over five hundred retirement board delegates and staff of the Commonwealth’s 106 retirement systems assembled at the Sheraton Hyannis this June for the annual conference of the Massachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS).


In an unusual, but not unprecedented move, Mayor Kim Driscoll of Salem has appointed herself to the Salem Retirement Board.


2007 JULY - When we first visited the Malden Retirement Board in 1995, it was during the days of three-member boards, before landmark “pension reform” legislation took hold a year later.

Looking at a Local Retirement System from a Different Angle

2007 MAR - Average Pension On A Gender Basis - In studying and reporting on average pensions at the local level, we have never incorporated pensions by gender, nor separated disability pensions from superannuation pensions. The most recent actuarial data of the Plymouth County Retirement System, as prepared by Buck Consultants, does give such a breakdown and enables  us to chart pensions on both a gender and disability basis.

Retirement Board Profile: Framingham

2007 MAR - In addition to representing members before the state and federal governments, Association officials work closely with local leaders to represent retiree interests at the municipal level.

RECENT ACTUARIAL VALUATIONS: Suburban Melrose, Rural Montague Retirement Systems

JAN 2007 - Periodically, usually every three years, each retirement system is required to undergo an actuarial valuation of their retirement system. This valuation is done by an actuary of the board’s choosing or by PERAC’s actuarial unit headed by Jim Lamenzo.


Retirement Board Profile: Quincy

Nov 2006 - Known as the “City of Presidents”, Quincy has long played a
central role in national politics, as well on the local scene in Massachusetts.
The city, which also serves as the gateway to the South
Shore, was the home of the second
and sixth US

A Look At The City Of Lynn Pensions

NOV 2006 - Comparable To State Retirees - Because our Association includes a large number of retired
municipal employees and survivors within our membership, from time-to-time we
focus on the pension demographics of individual retirement systems.

A Look At Pensions In A County Retirement System

JULY 2006 - In recent articles, we have been looking at the salaries and pensions of various communities and the correlation between salaries and pensions.

Milton/Greenfield - A Comparison Of Two Retirement Systems

MARCH 2006 - Pensions: Salaries Make The Difference - Three components come into play when calculating a pension - age, years of service and salary. While age and years of service are a uniform component, salaries are the major reason of why the average pension differs among our retirement systems.