Retirement Systems

Articles about Retirement Boards that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

A Look At The City Of Lynn Pensions

NOV 2006 - Comparable To State Retirees - Because our Association includes a large number of retired
municipal employees and survivors within our membership, from time-to-time we
focus on the pension demographics of individual retirement systems.

A Look At Pensions In A County Retirement System

JULY 2006 - In recent articles, we have been looking at the salaries and pensions of various communities and the correlation between salaries and pensions.

Milton/Greenfield - A Comparison Of Two Retirement Systems

MARCH 2006 - Pensions: Salaries Make The Difference - Three components come into play when calculating a pension - age, years of service and salary. While age and years of service are a uniform component, salaries are the major reason of why the average pension differs among our retirement systems.

Retirement Board Profile: Gloucester

MAY 2004
- Focus On Retirees Runs Deep - It is fair to say that the main focus of nearly all of the
Commonwealth's 106 retirement boards is bettering the lives of the
members of the retirement system, namely retirees. However, there are
some retirement boards, such as the City of Gloucester, which deserve
special recognition for their dedication to retirees.

Regional Retirement Boards Fully Phased In

MAY 2003
- Continue To Serve Members - In 1997, during the booming up-tick of one of the best economic times
ever recorded, county government in Massachusetts took a dramatic turn
for the worse. What began as a financial crisis in one of the country’s
oldest counties, Middlesex, quickly spread across the state.

Bill Filed To Wipe Out Middlesex Retirement Board

MARCH 2003
- Dissidents Would Create New Board - Legislation, which would abolish the Middlesex Retirement Board as
now constituted and create a new board, has been filed on behalf of a
small number of disgruntled towns.

Haverhill Retirees Organize

Firefighters Lead The Way - Led by a group of retired Haverhill firefighters, former employees of
the City of Haverhill are now in the process of organizing a Retired
Haverhill Employees Association.

Stanley Prevails On Behalf Of Former Counties

Efforts of North Shore Rep. Benefit Local Retirees - Retirees, who hold membership in one of the state's six regional
retirement systems, owe a great debt of gratitude to a hard-working
State Representative from the North Shore. As a result of the abolition
of certain county governments, their retirement systems found
themselves in a state of perpetual limbo as to who would fund the
remaining liabilities associated with the former county.

Abolished County Systems Restructured

JANUARY 2000 - Regional Retirement Boards Established - At
last, retirees of counties, that have been (or are soon to be)
abolished, know how their retirement boards will continue to operate
for them in future years. When the FY2000 budget was signed by Governor
Cellucci, it established a new comprehensive body of law (Chapter 34B)
for abolished counties. That list currently includes Middlesex,
Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, Essex and (as of 7/1/2000) Berkshire.

County Update: Pension Liability Unresolved

JULY 1999 - Plymouth And Bristol Counties Not Abolished In Budget - Governor
Cellucci's budget proposal to eliminate Plymouth and Bristol Counties,
as of July 1, 2000, (March Voice) does not appear in the budget passed
by the Legislature. Neither the House or Senate included the proposal
in their budget versions.