Social Security

Articles about Social Security that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees

Support For GPO Relief Intensifies

MARCH 2000 - "This
may be the year that the Congress does something about the Social
Security GPO (Government Pension Offset) law," reports Legislative
Chairman Bill Hill. There's good reason for this hint of optimism.

Mandatory Soc. Sec. Update

JANUARY 2000 - AARP Challenges Our Position - Perhaps
the old refrain, "just when you think it's safe," aptly describes
recent developments on mandatory Social Security for newly hired public
employees. "We know that we can't let down our guard on this issue, as
long as a comprehensive bill on Social Security has not been signed
into law," states Legislative Chairman Bill Hill.

Reform Of SS Pension Offset Continues To Gain Support

NOVEMBER 1999 - According
to the Coalition to Assure Retirement Equity (CARE), the push for
legislation, to help those public pensioners hit hard by Social
Security’s government pension offset (GPO) law, will continue through
next year. CARE’s focus has been HR 1217, sponsored by Rep. William
Jefferson (D-LA) and the Senate companion bill, S 717, sponsored by
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). Basically, HR 1217 changes the GPO’s
offset formula so that the reduction in the social security, of an
affected pensioner, is lessened, but not entirely eliminated.

Social Security Coalition Intensifies Fight

SEPTEMBER 1999 - For
some time we've been reporting on the activities - and successes - of
both the national and state coalitions opposing mandatory Social
Security. Our Association belongs to the state group - Mass Coalition
to Preserve Retirement Security (MCPRS) - which in turn is affiliated
with the national Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security (CPRS).

Legislators Voice Opposition To Mandated SS

JULY 1999 - Coalition Continues Work At State House - Governor Cellucci's budget proposal to eliminate Plymouth and Bristol Counties, as of July 1, 2000, (March Voice)
does not appear in the budget passed by the Legislature. Neither the
House or Senate included the proposal in their budget versions.

Mandatory Soc. Sec. Still Looms

MAY 1999 - Association Talks With Federal And State Officials - Uncertain
is one way to describe the current status of mandatory Social Security
in the Congress. With that in mind, the Association, and the Mass
Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security (to which we belong), have
been working hard to insure that those representatives against
mandatory coverage stand firm while persuading the uncommitted to come
out in opposition.

Coalition Seeks Relief From Social Security's Government Pension Offset Law

JULY 1999 - No
doubt, mandatory Social Security has been front and center the past few
months. But that doesn't mean that work on other Social Security
issues, affecting Mass retirees, has been halted.


the 106th Congress convenes this month, Social Security reform will
continue to pose more questions than answers. Unfortunately, that
remains true when it comes to mandatory Social Security for new public

SOCIAL SECURITY: Association's Lobbying Efforts

JANUARY 1999 - Our
Association has joined forces with others to maximize lobbying efforts
on social security issues. Currently we belong to two national


JANUARY 1999 - There
are two federal laws that may reduce your SS benefits. One of them
affects the way your SS benefits are figured. This law is known as the
Windfall Elimination Provision ("Windfall"). The second law affects SS
benefits you receive as a spouse or widow(er) and is referred to as the
Government Pension Offset ("GPO"). Here’s how they work - to the
detriment of certain public retirees.