National Advocacy Campaign Resumes

November 2020 Voice: Following six months in which the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis have commanded the full attention of the US Congress, the national advocacy campaign to reform the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) has resumed in earnest.

Mass. Economic Roundtable Provides Fiscal Update

Mass. Economic Roundtable Provides Fiscal Update

3% State / Teacher COLA Remains Delayed With FY21 Budget

October 7, 2020: State officials held a special Economic Roundtable meeting today focused on the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the Massachusetts economy and tax revenues.

A Month From Election, Galvin Talks Up Early Voting Options

A Month From Election, Galvin Talks Up Early Voting Options

Secretary, Locals Aim for Safe In-Person Voting

Matt Murphy, State House News Service

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, OCT. 5, 2020.....With less than a month until the election, Secretary of State William Galvin on Monday urged voters to make a plan and not wait if they anticipate casting their ballot by mail to ensure that their vote gets counted.



Ranked Choice Voting = Confusingly Bad Idea 

OCTOBER 2, 2020: As increased partisanship has led to further polarization and voter apathy, it is natural for people to seek ways to improve our system of democracy and find new ways to encourage election participation. While we believe that Question 2, so-called Ranked Choice Voting, is well intentioned, the change to our voting process that a Yes vote would bring about is both highly confusing and truly a bad idea. 

Congressman Neal Charts Path Forward on WEP Reform

September 2020: More than 3,400 reform bill H.R.4540 in retirees joined a live Tele-Town Hall event on June 24th to hear a first-hand update on activities in Washington, DC from Congressman Richard Neal (D-Springfield, MA). Of course, the main focus was news surrounding the ongoing efforts to reform the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). 

With Washington Deadlocked on Aid, States Face Dire Fiscal Crises

Local officials are slashing funding for everything from education and health care to orchestra subsidies.

Alaska chopped resources for public broadcasting. New York City gutted a nascent composting program that could have kept tons of food waste out of landfills. New Jersey postponed property-tax relief payments.

Prisoners in Florida will continue to swelter in their cells, because plans to air-condition its prisons are on hold. Many states have already cut planned raises for teachers.

And that’s just the start.

Ibis Telehealth Program Takes Off

Retiree Enrollment Underway

September 2020: In the July edition of the Voice, we announced a new initiative to bring telehealth services to Mass Retirees members. 

Known as Ibis (pronounced eye- biss), the program uses advanced computer technology and a robust service support team to help retirees to self-manage and monitor their chronic conditions at home. The pro- gram has been expanded to provide for COVID-19 monitoring. 

Active Employees: Become a Mass Retirees Subscriber

Active Employees: Become a Mass Retirees Subscriber


Having worked with public retirees and their families for over five decades, Mass Retirees recognizes the growing importance that active public employees place in preparing to make a life-changing decision on your retirement. To best be prepared, it goes without question that you hope to fully informed and knowledgeable. Mass Retirees can help you better understand all aspects of public retirement - including your pension, insurance, as well as Social Security and Medicare.

Annual Meeting September 18th

Annual Meeting September 18th

Our Annual Meeting takes place a week from Friday – September 18th – at 1PM EST. This virtual event is open to all Mass Retirees members. Please look to your September newsletter or today’s email message for the details on how to participate.

Pension Fund, MIT Launch Social Investing Project

Rating Discrepancies Underscore Need for Research

Colin A. Young, State House News Service

SEPT. 9, 2020.....The Massachusetts state pension fund is teaming up with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative to try to improve the data available to investors who want to make decisions based on things like the way a company treats its workers, its carbon emissions or its product safety record.