Member Stories

Articles about Member Stories that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

Florida Living Can Be Challenging

2007 MAY - Members, who move to Florida seeking a nice relaxed
retirement with year ‘round sunshine, have found that state to be anything but

Heart Gene Pioneer Patient Dies

NOV 2006 - In our March 2000 edition of the Voice, we published a letter from
Association member Ed Giers of Cocoa Beach, Florida who wanted to share his
experience with experimental heart gene therapy, hoping to give inspiration to

North Carolina Member Steps Aside

July 06 - Push For Tax Break Continues - Over the years, members have read reports about efforts to get Mass pensions exempt from income tax in North Carolina. The name that has become synonymous with this endeavor is Association member Charlie Peckham.

Former State Retirement Board Member Honored

July 06 - Credit Union Boardroom Named in His Honor - Former State Retirement Board member Bob Cawley was posthumously honored by the State Employees Credit Union at the recent opening of the Credit Union’s new offices.

May Rains Costly To Many

July 06 - Reached Flood Level - Although it wasn’t of the magnitude of the flood which devastated New Orleans last year, nor the recent series of Florida hurricanes which impacted large numbers of our members, mother nature paid a visit to Northeastern Massachusetts this May, which raised havoc with a good chunk of our state’s population.

Sign Of The Times: Bob Cole Donates Memento

MAY 2006 - Association member Bob Cole finally parted with a sign he stashed away a half century ago when the old Holbrook police station closed.

Henry Smith Is Not Whitey Bulger

MARCH 2006 - Received Visit From FBI - There's a $1 million reward for a lead that would result in the capture of James "Whitey" Bulger, but none of Henry Smith's neighbors will be collecting it.

Paul Keating: Heart Transplant Member Dies, Was An Earlier Unknown Hero

MARCH 2006 - We recently received word of the death of Association member Paul Keating, a heart transplant beneficiary who was the subject of a 1997 Voice article.

McLaughlin Is New Mayor Of Woburn:

JANUARY 2006 - Captures 54% Of Vote - Say hello to Association member Tom McLaughlin, the new mayor of the City of Woburn.

Member Continues Push For Tax Break In North Carolina

- Effort Began Six Years Ago - Twelve years ago, Charlie Peckham retired from teaching and moved to
North Carolina. What he soon discovered, to his dismay, was that his
newly adopted state taxed Mass. pensions.