Member Stories

Articles about Member Stories that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

Wellesley Teacher Turns Retiree Activist

- Taught In Mass & Vermont - For some, public service is a life-long commitment that continues
well into one's "retirement". Carol Stuart-Wenmark, a retired Wellesley
teacher, is one such individual.

Katrina: Eye Of The Storm

- Members Jolted From Retirement By Mother Nature - One of the many strengths of our Association is the sense of
comradery that our members share. Whether it be rally together to
support various legislation or carrying for members who have fallen on
hard times, our members are known for coming together.

Florida's Port St. Lucie Is Nation's Fastest Growing City

- Hurricanes Don't Deter Members - Association members, living in Port St. Lucie, Florida, eighty-three
in number, have the distinction of living in the fastest growing city
in the United States over a one-year period, according to the most
recent national census figure.

Mass. Department Of Correction Pt II

- "The Summer of '55" - Fifty years ago this summer, Department of Correction (DOC) officials
decided that correction officers at the 150-year-old Charlestown State
Prison needed "extra training" before the new "escape proof" Walpole
State Prison could open.

Member Profile: Elizabeth Beverage, "If Only Someone Would Listen..."

JULY 2005
- Association member Elizabeth Beverage, who retired from the
Department of Mental Health at Danvers State Hospital, is one of many
individuals who have been negatively impacted by the GIC's "Generics
Preferred" program. As a chronic arthritis sufferer, Beverage has been
prescribed the drug Naprosyn, which is not "fully" covered by the GIC.

Mass. Department Of Correction Pt I

JULY 2005 - "The Summer Of '55" - It was 50 years ago, July 1955, and the new "escape-proof" maximum security Walpole State Prison was ready to open.

Joe Devlin Receives Boxers Award

MAY 2005
- Honored For Numerous Sponsorships - Members of our Association have diverse and at times intriguing
backgrounds. Member Joe Devlin falls into both of these categories.

Wellesley Loses Wakelin

- Pioneered Pension Reserve Fund - R. Arnold Wakelin, Jr., the ex officio member of the Wellesley
Retirement Board, died suddenly of a heart attack on November 8 at age

Floridians Continue To Struggle

- Hurricane Damage Widespread - Large numbers of our members in Florida continue to struggle with the
ravages of four hurricanes - Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne - which
devastated widespread areas of that state this past August and

It's Hurricane Season!

- Members Tell Their Stories Of Being Caught In The Eye Of Charley - Florida has ceased being Paradise for thousands of our members who
have chosen to live their retirement years in the warmth and
tranquility of the Sunshine State.