Member Stories

Articles about Member Stories that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

State Retiree Wins Mega Millions

- Biggest Jackpot In State History - Association member, Geraldine Williams will never again have to worry
about pension COLAs, group health insurance co-payments or saving
enough money to replace her well-used car. She also won't have to clean
homes again to supplement her $1,200 monthly pension check.

State Board Member Dies

JULY 2004
- Bob Cawley Held Elected Seat - Bob Cawley, an elected member of the State Retirement Board, died on
April 30 at Brigham and Women's Hospital after a battle with cancer. He
was 69.

Henry Mikols: Holocaust Survivor

MAY 2004
- Was Scheduled For Cremation - When City of Lawrence retiree Henry Mikols was a teenager, he wasn't
playing sports or studying in school - he was fighting to stay alive in
Nazi concentration camps.

Member Age 104 - Regular At Florida Meetings

MAY 2004
- Taught At Dedham's Ames School - She's 104 years old, regularly attends our Florida Gulf Coast meeting
each year in St. Petersburg, and up until five years ago she arrived
driving her own car.

John Sears: A Man Of Honor

- A recent article in the Boston Globe mentioned that a venerable
political figure in Boston was struck by a taxicab in front of St.
Paul's Church on Tremont St. It went on to say that because of it, he
had reinjured an old knee ailment that he incurred 25 years ago, while
coming to the aid of a young lady named Julia who was being mugged in
the Park Street Station.

Great Molasses Flood Remembered

- Josephine Moschella Was There - January is the 84th anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919,
which claimed 21 lives and flattened several blocks in Boston's North

California Wildfire Raises Havoc

- Many Mass. Retirees In Area - More than 100,000 people across Southern California were evacuated
from their homes as wildfires surprised residents and ravaged suburban
neighborhoods the last week in October and early November. Over 2,800
homes were destroyed and more than 750,000 acres - an area equivalent
to over 500 square miles were turned to ashes in what was one of the
area's worst wildfires ever. Twenty-two people died and there was over
$10 billion dollars in property damage. The fire, driven by high winds,
and dry hot weather, traveled from Los Angeles south to the Mexican

'Curse Of The Bambino' Haunts Red Sox Fans

- But George Conway Has Seen Sox Win World Series - This was supposed to be the year. Most New Englanders, never having
seen their beloved Red Sox win a World Series, thought 2003 was their

Rhode Island Fire Disaster Recalls Memories Of Cocoanut Grove

MAY 2003
- The Parallels With Today’s Headlines Are Haunting - The February 20 fire at The Station, a West Warwick, Rhode Island
nightclub that claimed 99 lives, brought nationwide attention to the
danger of crowded nightspots, which lack proper fire protection.

Report From Members: Living In Sniper's "Killing Zone"

- As fear enveloped the Washington, D.C. area this October, profilers
and pundits speculated about the serial sniper who claimed the lives of
10 people and seriously maimed 3 others.