Member Stories

Articles about Member Stories that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

A Bad Night In Southie

JANUARY 2001 - Fires Leave Many Homeless - There couldn't have been a worse night for a fire to start in coastal Massachusetts than the evening of this past October 28.

Report From The Deciding Battleground State

JANUARY 2001 -
Palm Beach County Florida Members Share Their Opinions - While the entire world was watching, Association members in Florida's
Palm Beach County were the center of attention in the historic and
unprecedented 2000 presidential election.

Bob Cole's "Valve Job" Is A Success

Now Back At His Crossing Guard Job - Although the transplant of pigs' heart valves to replace human heart
valves is becoming somewhat common, Association member Bob Cole wants
to vouch for the success of this procedure.

Meet Association VP Jack Walsh

Our Man In Western Mass - Our Association's vice presidents and executive board members are
strategically located throughout the Commonwealth. One of our
hardest-working and most dedicated vice presidents is Jack Walsh, vice
president of the Western Mass District.

Peabody Has City-Run Farm Employees Belong To Retirement System

SEPTEMBER 2000 - Have
you ever heard of a city in Massachusetts that owns its own farm? Well,
we hadn't either until Jim O'Brien, with the title of Farm Manager, ran
for a seat on the Peabody Retirement Board as a member of the Peabody
Retirement System.

Florida Gulf Coast Meeting

Was Another Full House As Members Attended Our Annual Florida Gulf
Coast Meeting In St. Petersburg This February On A Fine 75° Day.

Mike Ruane: Heroism On The Hill

MAY 2000 -
Salem Rep Is A True Role Model - Some people would consider the Massachusetts Legislature an unlikely
place to look for a hero -- a person that the youth of our state could
look up to.

First State Police Dive Team

In October, 1969 The First State Police Dive
Team completed its training at the New England Divers, Beverly, Mass.

Introducing Members Of Our Three Century Club, Their Lives Span 3 Centuries: 1800, 1900, 2000

JANUARY 2000 - They've Endured Wars, Depression, Catastrophes And Personal Losses, Yet Their Spirits Remain High - In
this millennium edition of the Voice we are honoring several of our
members who on January 1, 2000 will hold the very rare honor of having
lived in three different centuries - 1800, 1900, 2000.

"The Greatest Generation" Part IV

NOVEMBER 1999 - Our Members Answered The Call: They Served Their Country At Home And
Abroad And Returned To Serve the Public Here In Massachusetts
- As
we continue to profile members in our version of The Greatest
Generation, this month we are featuring Helen Schmidt, Ronnie Hayes,
and Tom Convery, all of whom came of age during the Great Depression
and Second World War.