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Articles about Member Stories that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

"The Greatest Generation" Part III

SEPTEMBER 1999 - Americans From All Walks Of Life Pulled Together
As Never Before
- As
we continue to profile members in our version of Tom Browkaw's
best-seller The Greatest Generation, this month we are featuring Walter
Zagol, Jean Lockhart and Bill Baker, all of whom came of age during the
Great Depression and Second World War.

"The Greatest Generation" Part II

JULY 1999 - 
Our Members Made It The Greatest! - Without Complaint They Served
Their Country In War And Returned To Serve Their Government At Home
.  A March article on Frank Scordino,
which was our version of Tom Brokaw's bestseller "The Greatest
Generation," has evoked the memories of several members who were of
that generation:

Detectives Seek Boston Strangler Clues (1963)

MAY 1999 - In
our March edition of the Voice, we chronicled the Boston Strangler case
and the key role of Association member John Donovan, Boston's chief of
homicide at the time.

Famous Manhunt Revisited

MAY 1999 - Members Recall Involvement - In
the annals of Massachusetts State Police history, probably the most
famous manhunt ever was that of the murderous Coyle Brothers in 1959,
forty years ago next month.


MARCH 1999 - Tom Brokaw’s bestseller The Greatest Generation
tells stories of individual men and women who came of age during the
Great Depression and Second World War. Without complaint, they then
went on to create interesting and useful lives and the America we have


MARCH 1999 - Neighborhoods
were gripped with fear. Locksmiths were doing a land-office business
installing second and third locks to apartments housing women who lived
alone. The national media was focused on Boston.